Screnzy, Day 1 – obviously clinical.

well, i said i was going to ignore the internet today. so, that seems to be going well. yeah. the other thing i’d said i wouldn’t bother doing was this year’s ScriptFrenzy. yeah. so my plot is about half pinoccio half pygmalion. it’s going to be a fictional documentary about the first group of scientists to successfully build an android, and the emotional/ethical repurcussions of their stunning success in their field. in other news, it’s edible book festival day today! over at the BESTbooks blog we’ve been having a grand old time making books and book-related objects out of just about anything we find laying around our kitchen. my sushi book won an award for technique (coz i did a japanese stab binding out of japanese ingredients! ftw!) and there were even a couple that looked edible! (^_^) you can check out the winners on flickr or on our blog, linked above. /me is off to write more pages. MOAR PAGES! .

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