FACT 129 – Apocalypto

well that’s three hours of my life i won’t be getting back… well, no, to be fair, it wasn’t really that bad. let’s just say i’m glad i had a slight buzz thing going on. (^_^) it certainly was gorey. i like mel gibson has a gore fetish. in other news, i’ve managed to actually translate a few pages of something! exhibit a, a specially made notebook (by yours truly, yes, thank you) specifically made for this project. exhibit b, yellow pencil (all the way over to the right, boys and girls) that i lurv. and the best and brightest (literally) my long-suffering DS. at the moment, it’s playing the part of japanese dictionary/handwriting recognizer. the latter is probably quite difficult given my horrid handwriting. (^_^) it always gets boring right before class starts, since i don’t want to start another project and then get interrupted by, in this case, anthropology 597, (T_T) but i was glancing through my emails (i have like FIFTY-ONE of them pending) and i saw an email from my dear (and also long-suffering, i believe) translation group leader, from when she gave me this project. when was that, you ask? … yeah. july. of last year. (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) so i thought i might get going on it again. there are two other chapters in this volume i have to finish, and about three other mangas i’d like to get to AT SOME BLOODY POINT. but first i have to finish this. it’s short, it’s not really that hard. i’m just easily distracted. for instance, THIS VERY BLOG POST. .

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