FACT 125 – this sounds familiar…

well, i had my last story for the quarter critiqued. i’ve put the un-revised version, or rather the version that i turned in for the class to critique. they said the things that i knew they would say about it, namely that we need about five tons more world details (which is right, because even i haven’t got a completely firm version of this world to build off of) and oh by the way, what the hell is Martose actually doing in this story. someone said that Wright felt pointless, and i would have to agree. he just showed up in this draft, and i’m not really sure why he’s there. lee k (my prof) pointed out martose’s role as a sort of foil for joachim, and that is true to some extent, and there were questions about what joachim’s political views were, in light of the fact that he’s killing a politician, and the way i wrote it right now, joachim’s pretty far to the right, but in some parts, especially in the saving of the little boy and his sister, jo seems kind of leftist, so you see that i need to decide precisely what the hell’s going on there. i’ve got a little work to do, but for now, i’ll be chilling for a bit. i’ve got the second of two TARDIS books to finish by this weekend, and then maybe half a dozen stamps to make by next weekend. never even mind the projects i’d like to finish for myself. oh yeah, and i’ve got a … *coughcoughpokemonbookhackcough* to finish from my brother’s birthday, which was like A MONTH AGO. it’s going to be an awesome book, though, it’s going to just drip pokemon. … yeah, pokemon. anyway. in other news, the poor poor venture that was manganovel.com. they didn’t quite make enough to keep themselves in business (T_T) but they took all the points that people had earned, which was like the in-house dollars, and donated them to UNESCO japan. they sent out an email to say that they’d ended up donating 100,000 yen. that’s about USD$1020! i was like, awesome! too bad i didn’t get to translate more stuff for them. they didn’t really have too many adult-level titles, it seemed to be mostly bright fluffy kid things (hence their demise, i’m afraid) but the idea was certainly awesome. to have the community translate stuff, rather than having the publishers have to pay in-house. i guess the quality maybe isn’t going to be industry standard, and certainly it’s not going to be as consistent, but for amateurs such as myself, it was a great opportunity. oh yeah! i was featured on a blog the other day! saima-sama made a little post on michael jackson, and included my ZOMBEH book, as it is based on mr jackson’s jacket from the Thriller video. so go give her a visit. her blog is nice looking, too, clean and polished. (^_^) alright, i’ve got to get back to my TARDIS book, i’ll post some pictures when i’m done. i’ve got photos of the other one taken already, i just haven’t had a chance to lightroom them yet. ja ne~ p.s. my palm t|x is still up on ebay if you’re in the market for a pda.

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