FACT 114 – same bat time, same bat channel

wow, there really has been little change around here. i mean wow. i guess we’ll start the excuses… alright no, i don’t really have any excuses. i have been monsterously, disgustingly, uglily (?) sick, but you’d think with more time at home would come more time at the laptop. unfortunately, all it’s meant is more time shivering in my bed, wishing i didn’t have a fever and could please please please stop blowing my nose for five seconds so i could get some sleep. please. in other news (i swear i really am going to change my blog title to In Other News… one day.) that thursday when i should have had my story critiqued. instead i got my story critiqued by most everyone in the class, with the notable exception of the actual professor. yeah. well, actually, i thought it was kind of funny. he was super apologetic about it, and the class said pretty much exactly what i thought they were going to say (i.e. could you please prove to us that your main character is actually a person and not just some kind of cardboard cut out, oh and also by the way might you SLOW DOWN FOR FIVE SECONDS AND ACTUALLY TELL US THE STORY!). they also pointed out some inconsistencies with regards to destroying the planet with holocaustia nucleae. so i’m thinking i’ll just make it a biological terrorism thing. i know there’s going to be considerably less communcations than there are now. rebecca seems to just get information from the cloud or something, which is a bad thing ™ and jonathan doesn’t apparently have any emotion whatsoever, so that’s probably not that great either, and also several people wondered why he didn’t take a flight to canada. now, i had never even thought about canada, i instantly thought mexico, so i didn’t really have a response. and canada is closer. probably just as insane, too. so jonathan might be taking a flight to canada. i guess Marty will have to me Martinique or something like that now, but maybe i’ll just cut him out entirely and have rebecca and jonathan sneak in on their own. anyway, i’m much too sick to think about this stuff right now. i need sleep. zzzz

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