FACT 47 – o the weather outside is frightful…

actually, the weather outside is delightful. it’s like 60 outside. i’m wearing a sweater. i’m pretty much in love. the only bad thing about it is that our pool chemicals have been a little wacky, so of course they’re ony clearing up when the weather turns cold. (>_<) on the other hand, storm in heaven, the translation group i volunteer for, a) just completely redid their site to be all extra cool and sexy, and b) have at last released warawanai, the first manga i translated for them! yaaay! we decided to release the whole thing at once, since it was all ready, so if you’d like to catch a glimpse, head on over. the site’s available in english and italiano, although the manga’s english-only. enjoy~

speaking of enjoying, i’m loving my linux more every day. the Extract Here menu option? essential. i just tried to unzip something on my windows machine, and i was like, crap i miss the Extract Here option. also, ironically, i’m finding a lot of awesome games. for instance, Beneath a Steel Sky? seriously old school, but seriously awesome. there turn out to be a lot of old school games that have been ported to linux, especially old school sierra adventure games, which, as we all know, were the best. at the moment, however, i’m embroiled in a game called Battle for Wesnoth, which is a turn-based fantasy strategy game. it’s very awesome. the storylines could be a little deeper, i guess, but, as a writer, i am perfectly suited to fixing that problem. you can make your own campaigns and upload them for others to play. i’ve been casting about for a Plot since i downloaded the thing. the only thing i’m not liking about linux, and unforuntely something that isn’t likely to change any time soon, is the difficulty involved in trying to install things. i’ve been trying to install the latest development version of Wesnoth, but it keeps giving me errors. it probably has something to do with SCIM, as it seems that many programs to not get along with linux’s IME, but since i have to have japanese input, i’m stuck. at least the most recent stable public release works beautifully. the other game i was trying was called HCraft Championship. my graphics card isn’t fancy enough to sustain that many polygons at once, but as long as i’m the only hovercraft on the screen, it looks gorgeous! (^_^)

anyway, i don’t really have anything important to say, i’m a little edgy about things, but i won’t be talking about them until they’re solved, so that might have to wait a while.

if you’d like something uplifting, go check out yuu-kun’s blog post(s) about climbing mt fuji. yaaay yuu!

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