FACT 49 – three pack

of books, that is. my first show is the 13er of october, so i have precisely three weeks from today to make all the books i need and get myself priced and organized. this is in addition to all the other things i have to do, not the least of which is find gainful employment. oh, i didn’t tell you? i got fired. (T_T) what happened? well, her expectations and mine were… shall we say “not in line” ? yeah. basically what i expected from the job and what she expected were two completely different things, and since there was no real formal hiring procedure, there was no chance to spell out exactly what would and would not be happening for either party, so in the end, it just fell apart. on the one hand, crap, i’m unemployed again, but on the other hand, i have a crap-ton of books to make. i’d like to have 100 books for the show, partly in the blind hope that i’ll actually sell that many and partly because my second show is only three weeks after that, the three weeks leading up to NaNo, so i’d much rather be planning my novel than making a bazillion books in a hurried frenzy of panic. (^^;)

speaking of NaNo, i’ve been struggling to find some fancy linux software to replace RoughDraft, which i’ve been using for bloody everything since i found it. i have found JDarkRoom, which makes me happy, and GJots, which also makes me happy, but frankly, OpenOffice.org tends to get on my nerves, and i’m too stupid for LaTex (at least so far – i downloaded a book on the subject and intend to learn the heck out of that thing this fall!) but i really need at least simple formating, like bold and italic, and i wouldn’t mind spell check either. misspelled words, even words that i merely suspect of being incorrectly spelled, even words that have multiple correct spellings, they tend to just sit there on the page and distract me. for instance, spelled. spelt. whatever. ARG!

speaking of those Brits, did anyone see Doctor Who last night!? derek jacobi is possibly the most awesome person evarz. (^_^) did you know he has my birthday? yup. pretty cool, ne?

anyhow, the point of this post was that i will be making three books a day every day until october 13. that’s right, EVERY DAY. even sundays. and that’s in addition to pricing all these books, my etsy shop, translating yuu-kun’s nikki, and any other sundry things i may find cropping up on my to do list, not to even mention the above-mentioned (eheheh) job search. seriously. faint.

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