fact 57 – sauce


that is all.

heheh. actually, i’d like to say that NaNo starts in a less than 72 hours, and i still have not chosen a plot. and yes, the options listed on flickr are my actual choices. not having to worry about quality is actually quite liberating. i may end up using the pirate captain as some pre-nano warm-up, but i don’t know. i don’t wanna spend all my writing budget before november even shows up. i haven’t written anything in so long, i’m a little nervous. (^_^) i think of all my characters, i like the pirate captain the best at the moment. he’s the most interesting. also, i bought a bunch of pirate gear at the halloween store this afternoon, so i’m pirate happy. seriously though, how could an eye patch not help me write?

the other thing i can’t forget to mention is that my sister and i are starting our marathon string of craft shows this saturday with the Clintonville Women’s Show in Columbus OH. we’ll be there hocking our wares on the 3rd of november (that’s right, during nano – don’t be surprised if you see me scribbling furiously in between sales!) and then we’ll be at ascention lutheran on morse rd the 10th, Beechcroft High School (my alma mater!) on the 24th, and … um … i forget where, but another one on the 10th of december. or whatever that weekend is anyway. man, i’m gonna be broken when it’s all over. hopefully not broke, but definitely broken. (^_^) so come see the start of it all. the Clintonville Women’s Hall is behind the Whetstone branch of the library on High St. if you need directions or details, just let me know~

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