FACT 60 – faire

well that’s two craft shows in two weeks. i’m pretty sure my brain’s going to explode now. a fact which isn’t helped by the fact that i made twenty-four dollars today. that’s right, 24 dollars, 24, twenty-four, two four. *poit* one or two more shows, and i’m done. if i were smart, i’d concentrate on my etsy shop. course it also didn’t help that i’ve been sneezing every five or ten minutes since i woke up (at seven bleeding thirty ante meridian, i might add), and that i went through four of those pocket packs of tissues today, AND that we have no caffine in this house, AND AND AND that i have no more supplies to make more books. what i have is all there is until someone buys something.

… alright, my patience is low this afternoon. enough whining from me. what you should go check out is FreeRice.com. you test your vocab, they donate rice. the very definition of win-win. my average score? 38.

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