yes, that’s right, i, who have no jewelry skill/experience/you-name-it (although apparently i do have a comma fetish…) was named judge in the wireworkers anonymous club Rings of Wire contest. you can view the contest entries here and the winners here, but the win-winnerers started with the lovely and wonderful ahaxamazingxsin and her Crystal Collection Two. i would like to state for the record that judging this contest? was bloody difficult. i’m just wondering, participants, just, you know, as a courtesy to the judges, you know, next time could you maybe suck a little more? just a few of you, just a tad. come on, take one for the team! (^_^)

… no, huh. crap.

alright then, about Crystal Collection Two, i ended up choosing it because of its simplicity. the contest specs said rings + wire, and there is virtually nothing but rings made of wire in this piece. the crystals are just enough to offset the wire rings and bring forth the hot shiny-ness of them. can you say drool? yes, i think you can.

in second place was Snake Ring by ajazzydancer. this one definitely won because of its oddness. and again because of its simplicity. pretty much everybody took the theme and ran with it, but these two did it especially well. i think anyone looking at these pieces could guess the theme of the contest without too much trouble. also, i might actually wear this ring, and that turns out to be quite an impressive thing for me.

third place! sojourncuriosities‘s Passage Ring! now, i am what you might call a “sucker” for a piece with a good story behind it, and while a key on a ring might seem a little odd (hmm, theme much?) the overall design and idea gave me at least a few ideas~

and now for the part of the journal that has nothing to do with jewelry: when i go to see who’s been linking to my YOUkun translation blog, whenever i see something starting with http://xjustxn0thingx.livejournal.com/ i know i’m coming up on some juicy boyxboy action. i must admit i’m a tad weak for yaoi, and most of her stuff is either a) way too adorable to pass up or b) way too hawt to pass up. so if you like gackt/YOU/whomever/whatever, go for it. if not? don’t bother.

oh yeah, also? i’ve gotten some better pics of my death note book, what i’m wondering is, would anybody out there be interested in buying one? yes? no? hell no?

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