FACT 78 – runner up

remember way way back in the day, when i entered the manglish contest over at MangaNovel? perhaps you remember the You’re Still in the Running email i received? well, they have now released the results, and although i did not win (sniff. sniff. farewell, iPod Touch of my dreams) i did get a little honorable mention! yays for me! i get 500 points over at MN, although i haven’t found anything i’m desperate to read at the moment, but maybe something’ll pop up. anyhow, they said they’ll publish the winning translations, so that will be a definite must-read for me. i wonder if i didn’t win coz my translation was off-kilter somehow or because my graphics editing kind of bit. i’m so used to photoshop that i found it difficult to operate within the parameters of the program. i’m thinking it was actually my translation, though. i didn’t feel certain about a few sentences, and i probably got them wrong. either way, i definitely want to see the winners’ translations. a chance to study up for my future career as a terribly famous translator. (^_^)

in other news, i have decided that i am done with the young indiana jones diary. that’s right, i still have that thing in my house… the problem is that we’re having difficulty getting images/info for the inserts. we were able to piece together a fair number of them, and my client has an email into his Indy Contact, but so far we haven’t heard anything. i’m not holding out a whole lot of hope. i have basically scowered the internets with no luck, so i’ll be taking some pictures of the goods for presentation here soon. also, the WorkOut running journal that i’m making for my friend’s sister is all but done, and although it doesn’t incorporate all the stuff she was hoping for, it looks mildly cool if i do say so myself. it has stickers. i like making stickers. i’ve been wearing a star on my hand for like three days now. i took it off to take a shower last night, and the residue stayed on my hand. when they said Permanent Adhesive, they weren’t joking around. (^_^) i’ll have pics of that, too, probably tomorrow.

for the moment, i’m thinking about World Book and Copyright Day, which is April 23rd! BEST (the rockin-est Etsy bookbinding team this side of whatever) is having a group sale to celebrate. each member is offering their own offer, and we’ll have a post up about it soon. i’m doing free shipping and handling, so if you buy from me that day, don’t pay me until i send you a revised invoice! i’ll post a link as soon as we’ve got our post up. we’re also each making a book in honor of the day, and thus is the crux of today’s problem. I HAVE SO MANY GOODS! WHAT BOOK DO I MAKE!?

~off to consider the Issue. In depth.

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