FACT 86 – On Upcycling and Oddities

hello, i’m meredeth, and i’m addicted to books. … oh wait. sorry. wrong meeting. … happens to me a lot. (^_^)

for a girl whose love of books began with tomes of the leather-bound, steampunk variety, stitching pages in between the cardboard remains of an old club cracker box may seem a tad unlikely, but to be entirely truthful, meredeth’s tastes have evolved from the merely odd into the fanasticly weird, and she now does things like dunking entire book blocks into pots of coffee under the auspices of the word “hobby.”

she recently discovered some of the many things you can do with the remains of a dr pepper box and her family’s apparently unquenchable sweet tooth has led to an over-abundance of candy boxes with which she can play.

this isn’t to say that she doesn’t do some traditional bindings as well just that she’s more likely to put even the most mundane of stitches to subversive use.

when she’s not binding, she likes to spend time in the pool, which may explain the prevelance of blue in her shop, and roaming around local office supply stores, which may have something to do with the creation of these. made with scrapbooking file folders and office printer paper, they are the perfect size for slipping in with that pile of copies you’re handing to your office mate. like passing notes in high school, only even better! (^_^) those who make a purchase in my shop today through june 6th (saturday) and mention this trunk show will get their names scrawled out by yours truly and dumped in something resembling a hat. on the 7th, i’ll pull one of the names out, and if i can decipher my own handwriting, i’ll be mailing these file folders out to the lucky winner. enjoy~

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