FACT 87 – the standard…

… “i’m not dead” post.

good lord it’s been a while, hasn’t it. well, i’m not dead, i swear. … i’m undead! a. ha. ha. insert cymbol ring here. actually, i’ve been producing a fair number of goods, i just haven’t had time to write anything about it. in a way, i’m so alive, i hardly have time to live! a. ha. ha. lord, i’m sleepy. and i have class tomorrow.

OKAY! this isn’t being terribly coherent, so i’ll slap up some pictures, ask a few questions and move one with my life.

things i’ve been doing:

i’ve started a series of books that will all be bound in various none-glue-requiring styles. basically, they’ll all be done using only an awl, a needle, and some thread. also, they’re all going to have different styles of paper, all with those torn edges. “those torn edges” better know by people with more brain power than i have at this moment as deckled edges. so far, i like the light green one best, and frankly, that’s the one that’s taken me the longest so far. the blue one’s nice from a dorothy kind of perspective, but the green one looks like i actually have to have some skill to do it. anyhow, have some upclose looks at the pics above if you want more details. i left the pictures fairly huge (1000 px across) so you can have a good look.

so to close, i said i’d ask some questions and i will. why, in the name of all that is supposed to protect my processor from an untimely burnout death, did i have to look at the dA apophysis gallery? i’m just saying.

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