because yatsu has seen michael jackson’s thriller one too many times, that’s why. (^_^) why is it $50? well, that’s a whole other story. here is that story:

a) vinyl. black and red.
b) 15 signatures (approx ~ 300 ppg).
c) extra stitching around the corners.
d) machine stitching on the V, front and back.
e) covers formed in two parts, one of which was stitched upon and then glued to the other.
f) thick cotton cording on spine, which required pliars to wrest through the aforementioned uber thick coverboards.
g) between stitching the book block, stitching the vinyl, gluing the vinyl, mismatching the endpapers, formulating a spine plan on the fly and finally brushing the glue-y residue off the cover for five hours, this thing took a whole week’s worth of nights to make.

it’s a Modernist story, obviously. (^^;)

for more info on the ZOMBEH book, feel free to check out it’s etsy listing. the other thing i wouldn’t mind you doing is voting in the BESTbooks blog poll. technically, the real reason yatsu made this book was to enter the halloween contest we’re having. (^_^) so head on over and check out the totally cool books people made for this thing, and then help me trounce them all by voting for me! … well, okay, that candy corn book is cute. and flurrsprite’s bone thing is awesome. ok, fine! just vote for whoever you want to then! see if i care.

also today, i went a’shopping w/ my mommeh, and took some cell phone pics, but my phone’s out of batteries at the moment, so that’ll have to wait. ‘night~

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