fact 187 – PLANS

a) it’s been one hot minute.
b) new look!
c) new Plans.


so, various things have happened. (^_^)

basically, my life has much improved since last we spoke, and one of the things that has improved is that i feel like i can take my translation game on the road, or rather, on the blog. to that end, i will be cleaning up the translations that are already on this blog, i will be pushing out some of the old updates on stories that i’ve finished but haven’t even typed up yet, and i will be finalizing my plan to produce new stuff to put out. probably the “facts” portion of this blog will become less and less important, but let’s face it, i never updated that frequently anyway. now that i have something to update with, perhaps i can stick to it. #hmmm

so what is this mysterious new Plan? well, Part A was to revamp the look of the site, and as you can see, i’ve already gotten there. since this site will be focused on reading things, i’ve gone with a site that focuses on text, and doesn’t have a lot of crap cluttering the place up, making things hard to read. also, it looks great on mobile. since i’ve just purchased a shiny new galaxy note 4, and i find myself doing 90% of everything on my phone, and i know a lot of you guys are in the same boat, i figure that’s to everyone’s benefit.

Part 2. Part B. will be to fix up the stories i’ve already put out. it’s basically just Prince of the Moon at this point, but Lodoss is important to me, so i’m going to work on getting that translation finalized and prettified, and so you should see some edits on that stuff fairly soon. i’m actually working on an entry for a translation contest at the moment, so of course, that and its hard deadline have to come first, but the blog comes next.

Part C, or 3, will be new stories. yay~ #confetti. i’ve found a site called syosetu.com, which is one of the most popular japanese text novel sites, and full of actually well-written, interesting stories, which are fairly short and not terribly difficult, and i’ve got a couple of stories already finished that i’m hoping to queue up. i’ll be focusing on fantasy and sci-fi stuff in the short story arena, and of course my personal favorite BL in the novel arena, and my goal is to release one translated short story or chapter of a novel each month. this may not (is not likely to) happen straight away, but that will be what i’m working up to.

in the meantime, i’ve got this contest entry, i’ve got about three or four dozen light novels that have been patiently waiting for me to get to them, and of course there’s the entirety of syosetu.

*wings away into the night, pencil in hand*

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