Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon – afterword

On the Kadokawa Mini Library’s First Volume

I’ve been right in the middle of the publishing scene for a long time, and I believe that changing times become a flash point for the limitless possibilities of publishing, while at the same time, publishing’s new form becomes the power that cuts open the next era. I have also come to believe that in a journey to the treasury of letters, it doesn’t matter what kind of entrance you stand at or what kind of form you choose.

We wanted something that would be called the jewel of our collections, and so the Mini Library was born. In addition to doing its own part in the popularization of publishing, this Library may become the publishing form predicted for the 21st century.

We gathered up such dreams and expectations, and sent this series into the world.

People of this modern world, please take this great vision in this small package, and hold it in your warm palms.

– 1996, October.
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co, Ltd Company President Kadokawa Tsuguhiko

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