fact 164 – shutterbug

i’ve been taking my sister’s photo course with her — well, really, what i’ve done is stolen her password and viewed her online lectures and stolen her textbook and scanned that sucker in. (^_^) well, not really. she let borrow both of them. i’ve been taking photos for the projects that the regular students are supposed to do. i haven’t been able to take as many as i’m supposed to, but i think they’re not turning out horribly. so i thought i’d upload some of them. they’re all taken with a canon powershot a75 or something, a little 3~4 megapixel camera that first came out in 2004 and used to belong to my brother. (^_^) for all it’s lack of flashy stats, the little thing is a trooper. and it’s not the stats that make a good picture, right? … right? (^_^) anyhow, the first project is supposed to be about color and shape. we were supposed to take five pictures, so here they are: taken one beautiful sunset on my back porch. well, my only porch, but it is in the back. (^_^) this one is my carpet and the legs of my tv tray. (^^;) because i will take a photo of anything if i think it looks mod enough. (^_^) i especially like the interplay of lines. | / – i’m not so fond of this one. it’s sufficiently geometrical, but there’s not enough color. i don’t know if you can tell, but the background is a lightly textured silver affair, and i like the monochromatic color scheme on this one. i wish my camera didn’t bow out so much around the edges though… speaking of monochromatic color schemes. i have bamboo everywhere, even in my cubicle at work, so it seemed natural enough to take a photo of it. well, that’s the five we were supposed to take for color/shape. the first ones were better, and that bamboo one wasn’t bad from a technical standpoint, but the middle two sort lacked interest. one of the later projects is about portraits, and since i know a) i suck at those and b) i have no great need to improve my portraiture, i shall insert the single portrait i have taken thus far into this post. it’s a self portrait, and i like nearly everything about it. it’s wicked creepy, it is actually me, and, not to put too fine a point on it, i haven’t got a lick of clothing on in it. wonder how much spam that’ll get me. can’t be more than i already get. (X_X) .

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