FACT 149 – recovery mode

from christmas, mostly, but i would like to recommend, for those of you contemplating a purchase of wii sports resort, that you consult your physician before undertaking any exercise regime. (^^;) seriously. my wrist hurts, my knee hurts, my elbow is only now on the mend. all this, thanks to Swordplay. also, please allow me to recommend the little plastic remote jacket to you. is it silly looking? yes. does it kind of feel gross? definitely. will it prevent injuries sustained after gripping the thing waaay too tightly during the kendo/swordplay you vs the horde mode? i certainly hope so. in other news, i’m writing thank you notes from graduation today. i get to bust out my happy (nominally vintage) esterbrook fountain pen to write them with. and my fancy japanese paper. (^_^) i realized yesterday that’s it was two weeks exactly since the ceremony. two weeks! only two weeks! feels like two months, or two years. the other day, my sister’s computer broke down, and after we (sort of) fixed it, she was like, “at least it was fixed before january 4th.” i was like, “why? what happens on the 4th?” she gave me this look like, duh~ “class starts on january 4th.” I HAD NO IDEA! i instantly degraded into a Stupid Grin. (^_^) since graduation, i’ve been… well, mostly, i’ve been preoccupied with christmas. we here at the beckett household were pretty darn broke this year, thanks in part to 1x dead furnace and 1x dead job (T_T) but we still managed to have a nice holiday. (^_^) i bought the wii a present, the above-mentioned injury-inducing sport sim, and so we all proceeded to injure yourselves. (^_^) and then we went to the movies, as my clan is wont to do on christmas day. we saw sherlock holmes! it was… meh, it was okay. in a way, it was really good. jude law makes a fine dr watson, and there were some little homages to the novels/short stories that i liked. and of course there was the big reveal at the end, where holmes got to tell us how he did it, which was fun, as usual. the problem was, the makers felt they had to change the style to attract those modern, short attention span audiences. they turned holmes into an action flick. or at least a half action flick. not that holmes was by any means a pacifist. he was, after all, constantly telling watson to bring his revolver. and plenty of holmes-ian villians use the fear of the masses and play on the emotions of their victims (w/out giving away the whole movie…). i guess it’s mostly that i’m so used to the jeremy brett holmes that the robert downey jr holmes felt a little wtf to me. (^^;) actually, like many people, my biggest problem with the movie had nothing to do w/ holmes, watson, nor even the action-ing up of the entire holmes world. i, like a growing number of people who have seen and reviewed this film, feel an intense dislike for what they have done to the venerable irene adler. even ignoring the fact that in all 56 short stories and 4 holmes novels, irene is the only woman holmes shows even the slightest interest in, and then only because she’s the one who manages to outwit him, even ignoring the fake/half-assed romantic subplot that the movie writers tried to shoe-horn in to a freakin’ HOLMES movie, adler’s character simply isn’t internally consistet w/in the movie’s own stated world. she’s introduced, and rightly so, as the woman who outsmarted holmes. she then proceeds to spend the rest of the movie being outclassed by holmes in nearly every way. there’s even a damsel in distress scene in which holmes has to rescue her from a meat chopping table saw, complete with valves and flames and handcuffs. i mean seriously. a) the real irene adler would never allow herself to be put in such a situation, b) the real holmes would never allow HIMself to be put in such a situation, and c) if the movie adler is supposed to be so damn clever, how’d SHE get in such a situation? in short, if you loved jeremy brett’s holmes and would slap your own mother for some more, this movie is not for you. if you ignore “irene adler” altogether and keep in mind that this is the era of movie making that has produced not one, but TWO “live action” alvin and the chipmunks movies, you should manage to enjoy yourself. in still other news, i’m applying for my vendor’s license as i type, so eventually, i swear, there will be some new stuff in the shop. i used some of my graduation money to get some organizational things for the shop, as i mentioned earlier, so at least the studio looks good. and i do have 50+ books that i have made that i have yet to even photograph, let alone list, a fact which causes me much shame. especially when you consider that i’ve spent at least $150 dollars at the local paper store just in the past 6 weeks. how do i know? the paper store has a free offer thing where you get 50 free shutterfly prints for every $50 you spend there, and i just received my third one. yup, i’m addicted. (^_^) .

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