FACT 131 – as yet untitled

alternate title = i super need a retractable katana! that’s right, the fam and i went to see the star trek movie. it was good! not, like, memento good, or like, i don’t know, intellectually good, but seriously, shit blew UP in that movie, bones? was super awesome in that movie, spock? i can’t even tell you how good spock was, because if i did, i’d spoil the plot. that’s how good spock was in that movie. now, granted, i’m a pretty big trekkie. my sister actually can quote line from voyager, which is like, i barely even remember that series, let alone can quote from it. my father used to write star trek fan fiction back in the days when the next generation was on. it’s pretty much star trek and MASH that have formed my opinion of language, humor, and how to use them, and so when i say that the new star trek movie is awesome, i think we have to take it as a given that i’m about sixteen times more biased than the next guy, but still. awesome. the other awesome thing, as i have previously related, is my getting into the fiction workshop class for the fall. i have subsequently released the story to romp on the internets, and you may find it available for your reading (hopefully) pleasure here: Joachim, as yet untitled -delta revision-. it got me into a class, so i’m expecting that it doesn’t suck too hard core, but i’ve been told by several (dozen) people that it could use some more world building. i’m wondering what sort of details of the world you’d like to have, what questions about the world specifically were generated when you read it. of course if you loved it, i’d like to know that too. (^_^) no, seriously, while it’s never been especially difficult for me to see where i suck, i’m not so great at pointing to things i do well. if you liked something, tell me. also, my ego would appreciate some niceness mixed in with the “you suck” -ness. nota bene: http://www.pbs.org/video ftw.

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