FACT 128 – the gospel according to CPT

because i’ve obviously been spending way too much time at work. in other news, this is what i’ve been doing with my free time. that? that is a book made of nori. and “rice sticks.” and wonton wrappers. and, uh, er, fruit roll-ups. yeah, my teeth are pretty much a sugary mess at this stage… you can see more @ the BESTbooks 2009 Edible Book Fesitval flickr group. wow, that has to be the longest link i’ve ever put up. reminds me of a crazy lady i used to work for. i know precisely jack about search engine optimization, so when i started picking on all the (what appeared to me to be randomly crazy) link styles, she was like, what are you, a retard? anyway. those are sad memories, and frankly, from like a year and a half ago? do i really not have anything better to think about? oh wait! i do! my shiny new soopsee account! it aggegates from my blog, from my etsy shop, and all in a fancy little uber-designed place. it’s cute~ i’ve got a corkboard theme going on right now, and it /is/ cute, so go over and check it out. it’s in beta, so if you’ve got an etsy shop, sign up~

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