fact 19 – reasons to live

as in, i think i’ve found mine. The Columbia College Center for Book & Paper Arts. they offer an MFA in bookbinding. i’m pretty sure i’m in love. they offer a class in april about 17er century paper making and bookbinding that i would literally stab someone in the foot to go to. they have classes in letterpress. you can rent studio time. i think i’ve found my calling. now if only i weren’t so damn poor…

anyhow, march madness is finally back on track, so i’ve got another story to post here in a minute. i’ve decided to eschew the fluff rock star theme. sorry if you like DANA’s story. i may not get back to it. on the other hand we’ve got more parental issues and possibly a royal pickle.

in other news, i got my replacement social security card the other day, so now i can get my passport. yay sweden! i’ve been thinking about making a new journal to go with the trip. i made one already, but it doesn’t really evoke Svenska. more like shipwreck. meh, i don’t know. the closer we get to july, the more excited i’m going to be. probably by the summer, i’ll be exploding.


oh yeah, also? YOU-kun had a picture of a hamburger today that literally made me drool.


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