fact 26 – plush

is it possible that my fandom has gone too far? (^_^) his arms are a bit too low, but other than that… i’m feeling pretty good about my home-made daikon-kun.

actually, what i’m here to talk about is plushies. i ordered a book w/ the most adorable little japanese mascot dolls in it, and i’m thinking of opening a second etsy shop. having looked around, etsy still seems to be the best place for handmade goods. it would be called the plushie foundry. i’m thinking it would stock the lizzards, and also some mascot dolls, but also some odd mascot dolls. i.e. grunties and behemouths and phoenix…es? phoenixi? phoenix? yeah. anyhow, the firey birds. because i am not satisfied with just cute sheep and cows or even donkeys. no. i need self-reincarnating avians and furry cow-wannabes. i suppose i’ll hold off judgement until i actually get the book, but i’m thinking of doing the mascot dolls out of woolen felt, so it’s stiffer than the run-of-the-mill craft stuff yet still soft, and charging $5 or so for them. *shrug* i don’t know. for the moment, i shall spend my time trying out some fancy new felt-tip pens i got from borders, updating my collection on LibraryThing, and browsing the massive selection at BookMooch.


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