onsala 3 – the land of the midnight sun

they weren’t kidding. these are the pictures i took the other day. they didn’t turn out so bad efter alle. … after all. anyway, the top one was taken at like 0.30 or maybe 1. i was trying to get some sleep, and it just wasn’t happening. gee, i wonder why… (>_<) the second picture is the same view, only about 6 hours later. i would like to state for the record that i woke up at 4 this morning, and it looked almost exactly the same. i have ordered a custom sleep mask from etsy with the words "fuck off" embroidered against a black background. it's a good thing i'm staying with relatives. (^^;) today we went out on my uncle’s brother’s boat. it was alright. i liked the part where we went fast best, but there were so many other boats that there wasn’t really room for too much of that. i’ll get some of those pictures up tomorrow. at the moment, i’m so friggin tired, i’m literally getting dizzy. op, the dinner guests are here, guess i’m off~


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