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that’s right, i’ve joined the linux revolution. (^_^) specifically, the ubuntu feisty fawn linux revolution. i am currently in love with it. at the moment, i’m browsing around GNOME art, looking for the perfect theme~ not that Human isn’t good, it is, just that i’m all about the customization, to the point where i can’t really help myself. (^^;) i’ve downloaded about six of them now. it is, of course, impossible to use them all at once, but I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF!


so sorry. the only thing i don’t like about linux is the way sometimes you have to compile your own source code. the first couple times i had to do that, in fact even now that i’ve done it more than a couple times, it’s confusing. i’m not a programmer, i’m a software junkie. i should not have to compile code. i much prefer .deb installers. of course, most of the programs i use either a) came with ubuntu or b) are installed via automatix, which itself has a lovely .deb installer, so it’s not as big of a problem as one might first think, but still, i think it’s one of the only areas in which windows outstrips linux, especially for the average (read: not that tech savvy) user.

speaking of tech savvy, my brother, who used to write reviews for the wildly popular rpgamer, hooked up with some of his friends and decided to start their own site! actually, it happened a couple weeks ago, but i’m just now getting around to telling you about it. check out their site. it’s still a little rough around the edges, but the reviews are top notch, trust me. Random NPC

speaking of things that are a) wildly popular, and b) still a little rough around the edges, my sister and i are gearing up for some craft shows this fall! the first one is at the Unity Christian Church in columbus, so if you’ve been waiting for that once in a lifetime opportunity to begin your stalking career, now’s the time. it’s on the 13er of october, and i’ll be hocking my book wares alongside my sister, who will be hocking her jewelry wares. then we’ve got one on the 3er of november, hosted by the clintonville women’s club. basically, we’ll both be crafting full-time to get enough stock. well, carolyn’s doing alright, i guess, but she’s letting stuff that expires from her etsy shop stay expired, and that’s what she’ll take, along with other new items. i, on the other hand, am hoping to have an entirely new batch of stock to take with me to the shows so that i don’t have to mess with etsy. which means i need to make two books every single day between now and october 13er, just to have enough for the first show, never even mind if i get lucky and sell a bunch at that show and end up having to make a bunch for my second show. add in the fact that i need to be planning for NaNo, and the fact that i’m still on the steep end of the learning curve at work, and you can see that i’ll be a busy busy girl these next few months. frankly, i’m happy. i needed to get up off my ass and get to work, but since i’m too lazy to do it under my own power, i need something external like this to motivate me.

–oh noes! my cookies have disappeared!!

edit: i haven’t been able to get rainlendar2 to work. whenever i try to install the thing or run it at all, i get “segementation fault (core dumped)”. as it turns out, the problem is that i’ve got SCIM installed. something in rainlendar conflicts with rainlendar 2 in such a way that you’ve gotta choose one or the other. it’s pretty much no good. i’ve gotta have my japanese input, so i guess i’m finding an alternative to rainy for now. (T_T)

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