FACT 50 – six pack

as is so often the case, i found something i wanted and decided to make it myself instead. and as is also often the case, i had no idea how to do it. (^^;)

after a lengthy discussion amongst still-shiny-new Bookbinding Etsy Street Team (acronymed BEST for a reason) i still had not much of a clue. i did however, have a volume of keith smith’s binding books to go through and the courage to try. and possibly to fail quite badly. i busted out my watercolor paper, grabbed a random scrap (which turned out to be from possibly the sexiest book i have ever made. more on that later.) and ripped some random length of thread from its cozy home in my CONSTRUCTION box (a longish cell box that originally housed a fancy japanese cell phone strap). what i ended up with is what you see above. aside from the fact that i couldn’t be bothered to properly center the strip of paper, it’s not horrible. the binding at On Paper used probably sinew or some other thick thread-like substance, which helped seperate the Xs and accentuate the weave, but i think the technique is basically correct. i glued the extra spine bits to the first pages, so there’s techincally no cover. i kind of like it. not really suitable for sale, but cute. definitely cause to attempt what i was really practicing for – a full size ivory suede covered sketch book for the craft fair. my mother gave me a half yard of delightful ivory ultrasuede the other day just for such a purpose.

speaking of which (hells i should really retitle this blog “speaking of…”) i should really take a shot of the books i’ve been making for the fair. they’re turning out really awesome! … uh, i mean, i think so anyway. (^^;) what’s really sad is that i’ve been making all these relatively awesome books, but i haven’t had any time to make anything for etsy, so i haven’t listed anything new on there in like two months. it’s a wonder i’ve made any sales at all, but indeed i sold 7 items thursday. i’m pretty sure that’s my new record. i about fainted. i really need to take better care of my etsy shop. also of The Frame Station. i made a sale there in august. only $8, but a sale just the same. and of course (やっぱり for those of you in the nihongo know) i haven’t even talked to them in like two months. i think i’m going to take them some new stuff tomorrow. … i wonder what i’ll be able to bear parting with… (^_^)

oh yeah, also! the sexy book mentioned above. pictures abound!

the emblem on the front is a rub-on thing from a rock star package. i think this is definitely a rock star book. it’s 5 x 7 inchs and has 200 pages in it, 70 lb sketch paper. half — well, most — of me wants to keep it, but my wallet says i must sell it. i’d list it on etsy, except i kind of want to MEET the person who’s going to scribble joyfully all over these pages. i’d like to shake their hand and suggest a fancy pen to them. (^_^)

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