FACT 55 – my age

i swear that was a waste of my booth fee. i guess that’s pretty rude to just blurt out like that, but i made $5. carolyn made eight. i can only hope that this was first time blues and that next year’s show will be a) better advertised and b) better signed. we were in a room kind of off the main path, but the fact is, there weren’t terribly many customers in the building, let alone in our little room. also, we were in said tiny room with two older women, who, as old ladies are wont to do, spent ALL DAY gossiping about people at their church. now at first, i was like, ok, whatever, but after SIX STRAIGHT HOURS of it, i was ready to stab. it didn’t help that i was running on maybe four good hours of sleep and that carolyn was her normal chatty self, also all day long. i suppose i should be thankful seeing as a) i’m a horrid sales person and b) carolyn was the one bringing all the customers over to our table, but still. i was pretty much done an hour before the show even closed.

so were other vendors, apparently. some of them even left before noon. i was a little surprised. i mean, they (i (my mother) ) paid good money for that table/space/whatever, so you’d think they’d at least stay the whole time. as a matter of fact, both carolyn’s and my sales happened within the last half hour of the show.

on the other hand, i did get three fairly cool ACEOs finished, and i got this awesome consolation prize from my mummy!

in other news… i like creamed corn.

well, ok, yes, i do, but that’s not terribly relevant, is it.

i managed to install a slightly newer version of windows 95 onto my zenith. the modem drivers won’t install properly, though, because the floppy disk version i had to make (since my poor baby does not even own a cd rom) only has one version of the driver on it. i’m going to see if i can just replace them on the floppy with the right version, since it seems to be just a matter of switching the folders around, but if that doesn’t work, i’m going to have to figure out how to get the CD image on my puny little hard drive via (an army) of floppy disks and then mount the image somehow under windows ninety-five. yeah, i know.

oh yeah, also, NANO!

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