fact 58 – ok.

see. sometimes it’s really a wonder i know how to breathe. what really gets me is when i wipe a hard drive or a flash drive or, in this case, when i switch operating systems a couple/three times in my never-ending urge to out NERd the rest of the planet, and then i don’t realize that i haven’t backed up that one certain special WRITING FOLDER until, like, a month later. do i have any hope of recovering the data? i do not. do i even remember what was in the folder? not so much. am i pretty pissed off about losing stories i can no longer even recall? hm.

[ ok, i think this is just a bad data month. yuu recently lost a bunch of his data, too, so i guess i can at least be thankful that i remembered to back up the things i actually can’t live without, and that i don’t have a terabyte of data to backup. that’s gonna be a lot of CDs there, dear. (^^’) ]

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