FACT 77 – a lovely number

finally, we have a lucky-numbered post. and what a lucky time it is, too. we here at notubóc have many many things to tell you about! first things first, the Etsy Bookbinding Street Team (acronymed BEST for a reason, people). not only is its existence awesome (see previous parenthesis) but our ongoing charity event is, well, ongoing. and our very own charity book sold recently! that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, if you were hoping to snatch up that coffee tome at some later date, your chance has passed. $25 donated to HELP international, and our good deed done for the day.

speaking of good deeds, i finally managed to pass on the bond book to its rightful owner. (^_^) she loved it. (^_^) i’m not sure how many more smiley faces i can put this paragraph before i reach the legal limit. (^_^)

anyhow, i bring this up a) because i like to dwell on ego boosts, but also b) because she — i wonder if her sister would ever care if i had a blog if she knew it… i’m thinkin … no. so. she asked me to make her sister’s b-day present. for which i bought a xyron sticker maker. it’s kinda cheesy looking. actually, it’s very cheesy looking. it’s even glittery. i’m not sure what kind of demographic studies they did on this thing, but frankly, it looks like a toy. it does, however, turn out to churn out stickers like a pro. seriously, the girl’s new notebook is 5.5″ by 8.5″ and i’ve got an entire sheet of little purple stars pumped out on this thing in like five minutes. 112 of the cutest little stickers IN the world, i might add. almost makes me wanna make more. not that i have a use for them, but i guess practicality has never been a particularly strong measure of potential for me. now if only designing the pages were as easy as making the stickers had been.

which gives me yet another excuse to discuss My Desk. purchased during our recent excursion to Ikea West Chester (which does rock, by the by) i spent (very nearly all of) my hard-earned cash on a desk, a lamp, another lamp, desk legs, moar bamboo, a TV stand, and the obligatory little impulse buys that ikea tends to produce in me with the ease of mind control. sort of like a book store. i go in there, and my wallet starts crying, from pure reflex. this time, however, i did well. this desk? rocks. as you can see, it is FAR too big for my poor little room, but there really isn’t anywhere else to put it. and now i can put my printer on something, so overall, it’s not bad. and it’s right in time for Script Frenzy, so i have somewhere to get away from everybody else and write my 100 pages. that space where you see the lights? that’s a built-in light box. that’s right, they cut out part of the desk, stuck in some glass, and they even sell clampy lights to light it up with, although i did not end up with any of those lights.

but meredeth? i hear you say. why is there a set of metal legs on one side, and cardboard/duct tape on the other? … well … let’s just say my wallet really was crying, and we’ll try not to let on that i misread the labels about how many boxes of desk legs i needed to have in my possession when i exited the store, shall we? it’ll have to wait a while, too, coz meredeth’s a little broke this time of year. [blatant shilling] why not help a girl out and buy something? [/blatant shilling]

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