FACT 93 – MEAT! (meat!)

because the grocery store didn’t have any power either. (^_^)

(meat sales make me happy.)

also, i’m sure you’ve noticed the new digs. recently, i discovered the addiction of twitter, and so when i found the cool green leafy design they have, i decided i had to have one just like it. well, two days later (coding takes a long time when you’re stoopid), my blog, my twitter page AND my HP all match! GASP! i know, it is something of a miracle, and i’m certain it won’t last long, but i figure let’s pimp it while it’s up. well, it’s probably going to stay for a little while, anyway. this fall is shaping up to be uber busy, so i probably won’t have time to do another one at least until after the new year. class starts wednesday (no, i have not yet finished The Mysterious Bookbag), sarita emailed the other day to say she’d like a 007 day planner (if we ever end up hooking it up so she could show me what she wants, i could start it), plus douglas (our deacon at church) was asking about cards of some kind for “an event” he’s having in october. what kind of event? we have yet to discover, but he’s so cute, i pretty much don’t care. (^_^) not cute in the sense that i Like him, but he’s gay, and i have a weak point for homosexuals. what is it about homosexual couples that they’re allowed to be cute in a way that hetero couples just aren’t? please GOD don’t let anyone i know be reading this (… it’s on the PUBLIC internets, meredeth …) but there’s something about gay couples, guys especially, that i think to myself, AW! KYUTE~ frankly, even lesbian couples i would say are considered pretty much like hetero couples. it’s like instead of homophobia, i’ve swung around the other way. is it any better? it is not, but i suppose we could argue that at least it’s not hateful.
ANYHOW. i’m certain you did not come here today expecting a Serious Discussion of meredeth’s Peculiar Fetishes. i’m just happy i’m able to come off as Not A Dick in front of the man. he and russell are very sweet, there’s no need for them to know i’m Issued. we leave that knowledge, random internet people, to you. (^_^)
oh yeah! i know what else! i found a copy of King’s Field at BuyBack’s yesterday! the original one! for PSX! !!!
and now i can’t even FIND my playstation. i am sad now. (T_T)

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