FACT 95 – they’re oooranized

i tell ya!

work on TFB (that would be The Fabled Bookbag) continues unabated. i’ve finished the side panel, complete with cell phone pocket and magnetic flap, and i’m currently working on the double-layered bottom panel. during a much-needed break this afternoon, however, my sister and i took a trip to Joann’s and the Container Store for an organization planning session. she’s a jeweler, and as such, is often innundated with beads. my own bookbinding also finds me frequently beset by paper, but at least most of my goods lie flat for “easy” storage. (^^;) carolyn, on the other hand, requires things like spice jars and vials. we ended up buying a set of those plastic drawers usually used for scrapbooking supplies and then filled the lot of them with little spice vials and jars and other assorted glass things that look like they belong in an apothacary. well, caught up in the organization fever, i decided to clean/sort my own goods upon our return. … four hours later, i can almost see the table again. (T_T) i CAN see the floor again though, so i suppose it wasn’t a total waste. also, i’ve discovered that i could pretty much go for another year of bookbinding w/out buying a single piece of paper and be perfectly functional. on the one hand, that makes me sad, to think of myself, not buying a single piece of paper for a whole year. on the other hand, it’s not like i’ll be buying any paper anyway, given my current level of financing. that being POOR, in case you were wondering. class? is really too expensive. and $50 gas tank fill-ups are really not helping. i’m just lucky i’ve got a job that pays relatively well and isn’t likely to go out of style any time soon.

speaking of things that are in style, NaNo’s site launched sneakily early! it’s new! and fancy! so go check it out! !!!

(today’s subtheme was aliteration, but then we stopped caring.)

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