FACT 166 – the noonday sun

well well well, hisashiburi desu ne~~~ okay. here’s the gist: didn’t move. here’s the longer gist: lease-breaking fee was waived. property manager then realized the apartment she showed me WAS ALREADY TAKEN. so, i made appointment to sign lease for a different apartment. i went to the appointment, but NO ONE WAS IN THE OFFICE. i got pissed, i looked at other apartments. i broke my blinds. i had the blinds replaced, but the ones they put in WERE TOO SHORT. i went to complain. paid rent, COMPLAINED. +4 weeks, nothing happened. went to pay rent, and complain some more, discovered property manager had been fired. “new” guy turns out to have a head on his shoulders. neighbors mysteriously shut up. blind replaced with properly sized one. I DON’T HAVE TO MOVE. general rejoicing. OH. MY. FREAKIN. LORD. i cannot tell you want kind of a ridiculous SAGA i have been having with this bloody place. it’s like, 2011 came along and decided to be a dick about it, and i just had to put up with it until it went away and found someone more entertaining to be a dick to. glad that’s happened now. and the other day i saw my upstairs neighbor coming out of a two bedroom with the “new” property manager (he used to be the assistant manager, now he’s the Manager, and, indeed, the only person working in the bloody office, so he’s not exactly new, he’s just “new”) so i think he’ll be moving out here before too much longer. i know he wants to have his music up, coz every once in a while i’ll hear it again. i’ve decided not to say anything unless it goes on for a bit, coz as long as i don’t have to put up with a constant heart beat in my floor/ceiling, i /can/ deal, after all, i’m not a /total/ bitch, i’m just saying that on a monday night, maybe we could turn it down. enjoying my delightfully civil apartment as i have been, i’ve been getting on a bit with the translating. i’m almost finished with one of the Lodoss gaiden novels, a sort of prequel side story called Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon. it’s about how the demon king was summoned, the demon king that Beld and Wort and Karla et al later have to destroy, the demon king that causes the Soul Crusher to be what it is, the demon king that kills off Beld’s lovely lady? yeah, that demon king. turns out that the Curse of Anyone Who Utters the Phrase, “I Will Conquer All Lodoss” took it’s lovely tool on one of them there Moss dukes, and thus the demon king was summoned. i won’t give you too many spoilers at the moment, because i’m going to put it up here when i’m done with it. i’m almost finished, got about two more sections to go, so with any luck it’ll be some time this week. after that, i’m either going back to work on Olochi, which is a creepy semi-post-modernish gothic mystery with bizarre fashion terms that i have to look up and sentences that are even longer than this one IN EVERY PARAGRAPH, /or/ i’m going to work on the manga i just bought, which is GRANDEEK, which is about a cute girl with a big sword. which is never bad. (^_^) in other news, i’ve decided to revamp the old blog a bit. with the CSS getting a shiny new coat of awesome, i thought i’d give it a go. mostly, of course it’s for the fonts, but those rounded corners are pretty hot, too. or at least, they are if you’re w/ mozilla. otherwise, not so much. i almost got myself a wordpress blog, but then i decided not to be lazy and just code a bloody theme, instead of stealing someone’s fancy wordpress theme. you’ve got to admit, they do have some hot stuff out there. some crap, too of course, but who doesn’t… in other other news… summer knitting 2011 (1 of 4).jpg knitting my sister a pair of socks. this one took me a bloody month, and then i had to buy a smaller set of needles for the ribbing, but eventually i finished it. now i just have to make the other one… ossum.

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