FACT 158 – a love story

as in, between me and my apartment. (^_^) every time i talk about it, it makes me smile. and trust me, i find a way to insert it into every /single/ conversation i have. eventually, everything is about this lovely home. (^_^) speaking of… (^^;) the girls and i (that would be my mother and two sisters, aka (from now on, at least) The Girls) went on a thrift shop expedition this past saturday, during which i picked up a few lovely items for the home. (^_^) i found a scanner, complete w/ negative and slide functionality, which i snatched up. it was missing the power cord, thanks to the thrift store’s pointlessly annoying habit of seperating power adaptors from items when they arrive. i couldn’t find it in the Bin of Endless Power Adaptors, though, so either someone already bought it, or it didn’t come in with one. in any event, finding one on ebay for super cheap was simply a matter of using the search feature, so i’ve purchased one of those already, and it should be here as soon as the dude gets around to shipping it. 😛 i also found some of those icey mugs, the one that you freeze upside down in the freezer, and then they keep your drink cold while you drink it. perfect for smoothie-saving, by the way. since it’s apparently difficult for me to make only one serving of something… (>_<) i also found four rather nice burgandy silk pillows for super cheap. they go quite nicely in my burgandy living room (on my super black couch~) thank you very much. what i also found, and here's the cool part, for those of you in the know, is a :cuecat. (^_^) for those of you not in the know, it's a little barcode scanner that looks like a cat. ... yes. i know. but here's why i want one: librarything. and of course, other such inventory-ing things. so i spent much of sunday scanning barcodes and giggling when my library topped out at 335 books. when i get my power cord, i may even be able to scan in some covers for those naked books on my list. (!) also, having actually witnessed the sheer bookage in this house converted into arabic numerals, i am more convinced than ever that i need to find bookcases. and soon. .

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