FACT 153 – march madness

no, not the basketball kind. the moving out in the month of march kind. that’s right! meredeth is moving out! finally kissing goodbye and goodspeed to the parents’ basement rooms and hola hello and aloha to my own apartment! could i be a little excited? maybe? anyway, i went out this past weekend to buy towels, coz i felt domestic. actually, coz i got a gift card from kmart for graduation, from a delightful mother/son team who knew exactly what i would use it for, and guestimated, nearly to the dollar, how much i would need to accomplish my task. (^_^) thus we arrive at the following: the first official box of moving! this currently contains towels, some nifty green and taupe striped ones, the ones i bought. i still have to fill it up w/ other bath things, like soap dishes: and bath mats: and shower curtains: as soon as i get my dollars back from the federal and state governments, we’re going on a weekend trip to Ikea to pick me up some furniture. after much (and i do mean /much/) debate, i have decided upon the following: a klippan loveseat (coz a full-on probably won’t fit): a malm dresser (or two): and maybe a chair (if i think it’ll fit in my apartment, which isn’t looking good at this point): i haven’t decided on a color scheme for my living room yet (i’m vascillating between blue, green and grey) so if i haven’t decided on one by the time ikea comes along, i’ll just buy white covers and dye them or something. well, i’m sure i’ll have more on the apartment search later, but for now, i shall leave you w/ the website of the apartment complex that tops my list: the reserve at sharon woods. mine would be The Forest. ~meredeth. -can’t wait! .

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