FACT 152 – the future~

ok, did the month of january simply disappear into the ether? i’m seriously like, where did it go? i remember new year, i remember that. dick clark, the ball glowing, i remember that. on skype w/ teh internets bf all night (^_^) i remember that, but then suddenly it was the 24th, and i’m wondering what, precisely, happened to the two weeks in the middle? i haven’t listed much on my etsy shop, coz i haven’t been in the linux half of my computer of my computer (where the database for my shop items is) in about two weeks, coz my skype doesn’t really work on ubuntu, or at least, it doesn’t want too work w/ my FANCY NEW BLUETOOTH HEADSET! i got a motorola h385 (which you can see here at amazon) and it turns out to work perfectly w/ both my t-mobile g1 and windows xp/skype! (^_^) times infinity! coz previously, i was like, cord-welded to my laptop whenever i wanted to talk to anybody on skype. my netbook’s mic is fine, but the speaker’s “quality” meant that i had to put on my headphones if i wanted to hear anybody. then we discovered that an external microphone vastly increases sound quality (yeah, shockers, i know) so then i had even more cords and accessories snaking out of the sides of my little netbook. it looked like Lain or something. so i decided that enough was enough! i went to staples and looked at their bluetooth headsets. i completely failed to find anything i liked. most of them reminded me of the stuff i have to wear all day at work, so that was a moral fail, i guess. then i saw a dude at gamestop with a fancy bluetooth headset, and i was like, hey! of course, when i got to target and found that same headset, i found right above it a $70 price tag, so that idea was quickly shot down. (^^;) but this utilitarian motorola thing on the shelf just below the fancy one, and after a quick internet search assured me that it didn’t suck horribly, i took the plunge. and now here i am, talking to someone (teh internet bf, point of fact) WIRELESSLY! i know the rest of you may have discovered this about 500 years ago, but i, meredeth, your humble blog narrator, have just discovered the wonder that is a functional bluetooth headset. the other thing i did this afternoon is make my first official NEW APARTMENT PURCHASE! that’s right, i WILL be moving out this spring! i’ve already looked at one apartment (the reserve at sharon woods) which looks more and more to be our winner, but i do have two others i’d like to at least look at before i make my decision firm. but i figure there are some things i’m going to need no matter where i end up, so i’ve gotten together a list of things i’ll need to have on hand before i move in, and this list includes such things as towels, and so i went out and bought some this afternoon. i got a $25 gift card for KMart for graduation this past december, and as soon as i saw it, i was like, “housewares!” (^_^) so i bought some nice fuzzy towels and some handtowels and some wash cloths, and all for what amounted to $3.94 out of my pocket! (^_^) they have dark green, light green, and sort of taupe stripes of different sizes, and they’ll look perfect in whichever apartment bathroom i end up in. i didn’t get a shower curtain, but i saw many many cool ones, so i just have to decide on one. of course, with my mother being a tailor/seamstress/etc, i can always have her make me one out of whatever i want, so the options are literally endless. which is probably why i can’t make a decision. (^^;) ok, i’m sure i had other things to write here, but since roku-san is cracking me up so much, i really can’t concentrate, so i guess we’re gonna have to end it here. perhaps i’ll be more sensible at a later date. … but i doubt it. .

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