FACT 151 – a hypothetical topic

(^_^) there is only one of you who will get that (well, maybe two or three) and you know who you are. (^_^) also in the “hypothetical” category at the moment is a new website design. i’ve got the images all set to go, and i’ve been changing a few of my pages around, (as anyone who’s tried to click the contact link above has already discovered. i promise, i’ll take care of that soon.) but i haven’t got anything coded yet. i was going to do it this weekend, but then i (apparently) decided that being out of school means taking on eight hundred projects, so i spent the weekend adding another one to the list that i outlined last time. (^^;) on the other hand, i did take pictures of, edited pictures for, and data entried in prep for listing of some 19 or 20 books. the shocking part is actually the photographing of. i hate taking pictures of my books. it’s kind of lame, and the pictures never come out as good as i’d like them to, despite my having read basically every tutorial on the internet. i guess the pictures aren’t hideous, but still. what i’d really like to do is go around and just have people fondle my books. everyone who holds one is like, “wow, nice!” so i feel like, if i could just get people to put their grubby mits on my books, and then convince them that books are just really cool things, just like iPods or tvs, but more user-friendly, then everybody’d want one! so, yeah. i’ll get right on that. (^^;) actually, i do have a few teaser shots for those of you who are interested in what i’ve been spending my day photographing: this is one that’s i’ve had most of done for a long while. i was waiting till i could find some crystals or rhinestones or something to put in the fish’s tail and crown. i ended up having to order some fancy shmancy swarovsky rhinestones online. when they got here, they were so small (1.9 mm small!) that i had to bust out the tweezers just to put them in place. i’ve still got one of these fishes left in my Box of Fancy Things, so i may do something similar in the future, but for now, this one’s cool enough. (^_^) this is one that i did while i was in florida! i bought the paper a rather long time ago, and i always knew exactly what i would do with it, but this really turned out great. the paper is kind of sparkly and shiny, and the way that the spine fits so perfectly in the trip from white to black! ah! faint~ yeah. actually, there are a couple of books that i’m even more enamoured of. the one on the left appeared mysteriously out of the wild blue yonder one day. it’s super hefty, too. 300 pages of hefty! the black bookcloth on the spine was the very last of that i had, so i guess if i want to make any more of these (for instance, for my personal use~) i’ll have to go buy some more. alas, woe is… um. yeah. the one on the right is one that i’ve also had the paper for kicking around for a long while. i found the wheat paper at my local fancy paper store randomly one afternoon, and i had 100% no idea what i was going to do with it. (^_^) but after i made another book in this same binding style yesterday (it’s called belgian eyelet binding, despite the absence of eyelets in the versions i make) i knew what i had to do! i kind of don’t want to list this one, either. it’s more practical for me than the giant yellow one, i guess, but it doesn’t match my favorite car! .

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