FACT 140 – for to weep

i woke up to a very nice surprise this afternoon~ i was featured (along with about a bazillion other bookbinders, most of who’s stuff is about 100% cooler than mine, and a couple of whom i would mug for their presses if i met them on the street) in a storque (that is, the etsy blog) article about how righteously awesome bookbinding is. this would be it here: http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/etsy-finds-pulp-fiction-5016/ i am especially enamoured of the ebony bone folder (because a girl can never have too many bone folders, although maybe this one should be called an ebony folder) and edwardkroon’s press. dude has a finishing press for sale, too. it’s enough to make a broke bookbinder cry. it’s certainly making this one sad. (^^;) anyhow, i had a whole post about what a nice vacation i had (a week by myself in a friend’s florida vacation home that started w/ a 16-hour dive through construction-infested georgia at 3 am, included a broken air-conditioner on a 60% humidity wednesday, and was topped off by a 10 miles to 1 hour construction horror in you guessed it georgia and a battery so dead that i had to run a red light so my car didn’t stall out) but to tell you the truth, we took down our pool today, and i’m a little exhausted. i think it’s time to help my sister set up her new shop.

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