Screnzy, Day 5 – And then we grew up

yeah, what the hell was that about. i can always count on hollister to give me the straight truth. not necessary documentary-appropriate, but always the the straight truth. he’s a delightful man. (^_^) anyhow. i’ve got eight pages as of this writing. i should have… erm… 5 x 3,3 is… 16,5. sixteen and a half. huh. okay, have we got any good news to report? … … … okay, how about any mediocre news… well, i guess if we consider the fact that i spent three days watching the entirety of the NOVA back-catalogue, the fact that i’m 2.83 days behind means i’ve actually written about two days worth of pages this evening. so that’s not bad. and i’ve got tomorrow to sit down here and make shit up and write shit down, so maybe we’ll actually be caught up by the time monday hits. yeah. let’s choose, for the moment, to forget about the fact that school is nastyearly tuesday morning, or that work is now a machine factory instead of a telephone answering call center. let’s just focus on how many pages i got done today. 5. yeah. .

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