FACT 126 – no news…

is what i have. what i do have is pictures of the second of eight TARDIS books. i heard from the owner of the third of eight (this is starting to sound like a post about the borg) and he told me that he and his Girlfriend (his capitalization, not mine; that must be a special girl~) will be trading the book back and forth across the country during the long-distance phase of their relationship. i was like AW!!! so cute!!! (^.^) it was actually kind of a shame. i have no other knowledge of the dude, and i was like SQUEE~ … yeah, i’m pretty easy. cute NERdage and i’m on board. that’s right, a book of the great and wonderful TARDIS. with hand-sewn endbands and leather recycled from THE most disgusting skirt ever. evarz. seriously. dismantling it was a mercy. (^_^) also, i’ve been on a bookbinding bonanza. i finished three of a planned ten-book series this evening. i’m out of paper, or i’d be doing the others right now. they’re all made from some paper i bought during our recent Ikea Excursion. it was the last roll of this paper in the store, in fact it was discontinued about eight or nine months ago, so it really shouldn’t have even been there, and the floor associate had to fill out a special form so i was allowed to buy the thing, so it’ll be super limited edition. the roll actually had five sheets of some cheerfully-colored handmade paper, and it’s ending up to be some super cute little books, so i’ll have pictures of that here before too much longer. what i have pictures of right now is the pokebook. or rather, pokeboc, don’t you think? (^_^) i’m pretty sure my brother’s super liking it. he wrote in it the first day for like six hours straight. he was on his way to another marathon session the next day too, but he comes up to me about three o’ clock like, ok, i’d like to write some more, but my hand is cramping up. i was like, hahah~ i win. nb : random promotage: my latest etsy listing.

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