FACT 120 – fotodump

well i’m watching The Devil Wears Prada, and i’m wondering what all the fuss was about. my general thoughts? vapid. miranda whatsherface is just such a bitch, i really think i’d like to see a movie where someone knocks her off. maybe if she was involved in something directed by bruckheimer, something where she’s the target of an assassination plot, something that made her life torturous hell for a couple of hours. that might make me happy. as it is, i think i’ll just bust out with the biggest photodump i think i’ve ever had! recent trips to the thrift store provide most of the material, but there’s a few moments of NERdism and a little bit of Wii awesome. so, w/out further ado, we go! mere days ago, my locality was hit with a semi-blizzard. my car is what you see above you. my sister, my mother and my father all broke their ice scrapers peeling an inch of ice off their cars, but luckily mine was saved. all i had to deal with was a good four inches of snow. ^ that would be the lid of my car that afternoon. this is one of the many benefits of starting work at noon. (^_^) earlier in the week, after i got over the second of two disgustingly snotty illnesses, i finally got to spend some time with our Wii. i’ve pretty much been too sick since christmas to play with the thing, so i went on a marathon of bowling. i beat the heck out of my dad! i stole his mojo~ and now we move on to thrift store moments! our first one comes to you in two parts, an item discovered in the christmas/holiday goods room of a local goodwill. can’t spot it yet? let me make it a little clearer: that’s right, a pad. luckily unused, but i think this is one of the weirder things i’ve ever seen at a thrift store. occassionally, i do see some cool things, however. this afternoon, i found the following: that’s right, circa 1995, a palm pilot VII! and is the box just a facade? is it just a trick to get us to search the shop for more goodies? NO! it’s actually a palm VII. and with all the goods, too. i swear, i almost bought that thing. do i have a palm T|X? yes. do i need another palm? no. one that’s so old, it thinks supporting the internet is a pretty neat idea? certainly not. did i want to buy it anyway? i kinda did. that is, until i found this: it’s a Risograph CR1610ui. it’s like a photocopier, only with different technology. it prints off of a drum like a newspaper or something, so it prints like 130 copies a minute! it’s meant for schools and places like that, that have to print off a bunch of copies of one thing. what happens is you put your original in, it makes a master of that original, and then you can print however many copies you want. it’s cheaper per copy for mid-level print jobs than copiers or printers. so i’ll probably be headed back there tomorrow afternoon to buy the thing. coz it’s just so awesome! and to close, we have the inevitable: my mother and father went out for a dinner date this evening, and so we ended up having spagettios here at home. it may seem like we just couldn’t find anything else to eat, but it just turns out that every time they have a date, we happen to have spagettios in the house. if we don’t watch it we’re gonna end up pavolvian about it. (^_^)

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