fact 1

on the last day of 2006, i’m drawn to blogger once more. this time ’round, however, will not be a translation of a foreign diary, it will be my own record of daily events.

this evening, we decided to have family gaming night. we started with LIFE, which i am a master at, and which i won handily, then we moved on to Masterpiece, which is a delightful game. basically what happens is this: you collect paintings and then auction them off in the hopes of making a profit. it’s just about as old as moses, but it’s really delightful. it’s better with a ton of people, bidding wars become true battles, but four isn’t a bad number. plus, i’m as good at that as i am at LIFE, so i got to chalk up a second win for me. (^_^)

wishing you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year,


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