FACT 8 – happy dances

given my history of taking on more projects than i can handle, it should come as no surprise that, no sooner than i finish uploading my NaNo novel, do i sign up for a new and ongoing project. i’m not going to spill the beans quite yet, as that would ruin the surprise, but it involves translating. so… if you’re here for my fiction, you might not be so interested after all.

if you’re here for my bookbinding, though, then you should probably know i put something new up last night on etsy. just a little checkbook sized thing, but trust me, those things are uber useful. if you like making lists, you need one. sorry the pictures aren’t so great, i took them a while ago, i just haven’t gotten around to listing it until now. also in bookbinding news, i have a fancy new keith smith book coming my way, so new binding styles shall soon abound.

in writing news, as i said earlier, i finally finished my NaNo proofread, and ordered my free copy. later on this evening, i’ll be putting up a preview for the stories contained therein. in about three weeks, i’ll be getting my copy, and then i’ll do another proof (because joachim’s story could still use a good smacking around) and then, finally, at last, at long last, it will be on sale. the cover is awesome, by the by. here is where you can find that lovely piece of work. i’ll take some pictures when i get it. if it’s anything like unfamiliar ceilings, it’ll be a stunning printing job. let’s hope the insides live up to the same standard. (^^;)


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