FACT 18 – copticness

first, a story about what happens when you travel. … well, not much of a story actually, i was playing post office delivery girl again this afternoon, when i came across this sign. suffice it to say, i spent a short while going the wrong direction. (^^;)

what took up the large part of my day actually, was complaining about my thumb. i made three coptic journals last night, and my thumb was just about ready to fall off when i was done. the big problem is that the beading twine i used for the hemlock and rapunzel journals is so thick that i have to use tapestry needles, and i don’t have a hole punch big enough for that, so i have to practically wrestle the needles to the ground to get them through the paper. not bad if it’s one short journal, but after two 10-signature journals, i just couldn’t take it any more.

the hemlock one is my own personal journal. the cardstock color is called Hemlock, so i bought it just on that. then when i looked up a hemlock plant, it turns out to have exactly the same shape as some stickers i put on my cell phone the other day, and i knew it had to be mine. i’m putting Gunsta in it, a language i made up. i’ve got the basic grammar and lexical rules, now i’ve just got to cement everything and vocab it up.

in other news, i finished my second March Madness story. it’s a fluff piece, and a romantic one at that. i’m going to half to write a gorey vampire story this month just to make up for it. enjoy~

oh, p.s.? i’m down like four episodes on the fuurin kazan previews, i know. i’m sorry.


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