FACT 21 – march madness

no, not the basketball crap, the writing crap. turns out i was the only one really doing it. i finished nine of the required twelve stories (i’ll post them later on here) but there’s just too many things going on right now to finish the other three. it’s kind of pathetic, really, but i’m planning my trip to sweden in june/july (HELLS YES BITCHES!) i’ve got my etsy shop to run, and i’m working on the final chapter of waranai. one of the stories i don’t have time to finish, i think i’ll be working on between now and june for scriptfrenzy. it’s starting out as a thinly-veiled FFIII fanfic (i <3 FFIII!), but i've got some (hopefully) interesting twists to throw in, so it should be do-able. also, the word limit for SF is apparently 20k, so that is certainly do-able. plus, we can write in teams of two, so maybe i can rope someone else into doing this insanity with me! (^_^) perhaps michael (my brother) would like to help out. i've always wanted to do a manga~ in other news, the picture. my nemesis. THE most hideous, farcical, destructively horrid thing ever to creep it’s way into modern society. that’s right, cord clutter. this one was actually created by me (^^;) after we switched phone/dsl companies yesterday and the new stuff didn’t work. the people at AT&T were quite confused, until i realized that we had not a router, but a network switch. now, god in heaven is the only being around who knows what we were even doing with a switch in the first place, expecially given that our old company gave us a router to use, but WHATEVER. after, literally, 6 hours of puzzlement over two workdays, i gave up, went home, and brought my spare router back to plug in. whaddyaknow, it worked like as charm. like a charm. it’s that white blob you see hanging at the precarious angle in the top center of the photo. the black bar across the top of it is it’s title Othello Goes Drinking. because we like to name things at my house. (^_^) i’ve since cleaned the area up a bit, but really there wasn’t much i could do. we’ve got three phone lines, a fax/dsl line, an old unused dsl line/box, a scary 1920s phone switch array, some creepy sump pump hanging out at the bottom, plus all manner of (probably) useless boxes and line conditioners and stuff. *thp* but my boss decided he didn’t want to go out and buy a router when we could just use mine, so he paid me $40 for it. i think i’m going to buy Lost in Blue 2 with that money. i absolutely <3-ed the first one, and i'm desperate for this second one. plus, i understand there are pre-order goodies to be had, including a little screen wipe and a fancy, wood-textured, light-up stylus. eBay, here i come!!!


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