onsala 2 – presentos

dateline onsala. actually, it’s 9.30 in the morning, but since my clock’s so messed up, it’s not as bad as it usually is. also, i’m basically being left alone on the porch, so i’m feeling relatively alright. what’s really shocking is how bright it was, even at midnight last night. the sun never really set, and even at 11 pm, it was still light enough to read outside. i suppose looking back on it, duh, it’s sweden, not exactly like we’re terribly far south, but last night, it was quite a shocker. (^^;) this morning was the real kicker – it was uber bright outside. i took some pictures, but the one from midnight didn’t turn out that well, so i’ll have to try and take another one tonight.

today’s probably going to be the most obnoxious day of them all: there’s a graduation party for my cousin this afternoon. i’m am completely not ever in any way a party person, and it’s even worse when i know exactly no one. plus, they’re all going to be so much younger than me. well, “so much,” i guess they’re only like 18, and i’m only 25, but still. even one year to me seems like i’m an ancient. OLD WOMAN~ that’s right.

anyhow, on to the pictures!

this is my aunt & uncle’s house. nice, ne? actually, it’s really awesome inside, although the rooms are pretty small comparitively. there are a lot of them, though. the room i’m sleeping in is actually my other cousin’s. it’s got a vaulted ceiling and joists showing and stuff like that. it’s really nice. his bed is fairly comfy, too, although it tends to sink. compared to my own mattress, though, i guess a rock is an improvement. (^_^)

then we had presento time. (just a note, my mother was actually the first one in the house to call them ‘presentos.’ i almost fainted i thought it was so funny. i’ll convert that girl to japanese-ism yet!)

the first is a quilt that my grandma brought for my aunt. she’s into quilting pretty seriously. trust me, you should have seen the massive pile of quilting fabrics my mother packed into my suitcase. it was an entire side of one of them. anyhow, the second one is some housewarming presents for my cousin sanna, who just got her first apartment. there was a celery bowl/spoon rest and celery salt & pepper shakers. actually, they weren’t as bad as it sounds. my grandma made them, so they were mildly cool. definitely professional looking. the third picture is emma, the one whose graduating today. what i’m really showing off is the earrings she’s got on. they’re wire-wrapped pistachios. my sister made them. actually, she’s got some for sale. … let me see if i can find that link… ah yes, here we go. listing one and listing two. emma loved them. she stuck em right in. actually, when she opened the package, she was like, “peanuts!” we were all like, “pistachios.” she kept calling them peanuts, though, so i guess the name is stuck.

— op, looks like i’ve gotta go help pick up some cakes and party supplies with sanna. ciao~


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