onsala 4 – something’s familiar about this place…

… if only i could figure out what it was

in other news, i am roasted like a lobster. the burns that i thought were bad last night are now hideous. my chin? is bubbling a little. just a little, but still. i woke up, like, why does my chin feel like plastic, and then i looked in the mirror.

anyhow, yesterday, we went on a boat. lars’s brother leif has apparently several boats. we went on the first one, which was docked right next to the second one.

it was a nice boat, actually. you could live in. it had two cabins, one fore, one aft, although we didn’t go in the aft one. the fore one starred a pretty large seating area with these nice blue cushions that i’m sure my mother will appreciate. leif is the vp of volvo trucks or something like that, so he can afford some pretty nice stuff. (^_^) and of course, there were some obligatory small steps:

anyhow, we were under way soon enough, and we passed some pretty cool sights on the way. for starters, there were windmills everywhere. well, not really windmills in the dutch sense, but those wind power generator thingies.

even edgar found himself enjoying the boat ride:

edgar and i were taught a few things about boating, such as how to unmoor ourselves, how to put the flag on the boat, and what festival flagging is.

i have, really, about 300 pictures. it’s kind of scary. i started out with 752 pictures available, and when we got home, i only had like 431 left. i guess that’s actually over 300 isn’t it. well, i had to take a bunch of pictures of the boat. well, the ship. mm? what ship? oh! the entire reason we went out there. the east indiaman götheborg, a ship that belonged to the swedish east india company and sank about 300 years ago, was found about 20 or 30 years ago, right outside the göteborg harbour. they couldn’t raise it very well, so they decided to build a replica, which they then sailed to china and back, copying the voyages of the original. yesterday was it’s official return to the göteborg harbour, so we sailed out – well, not really “sailed,” the boat had a motor and no sail, but – to see it come in. of course we weren’t exactly the only one’s with that idea…

and that’s just a small percentage of the boats that were there. i took individual pictures of some of them, but i’m kind of dreading having to go through all 300 of these pictures. it’s going to take me forever! what i’m really looking for are some good shots of the ship itself. there were so many other boats out there, it was hard to get a good picture.

then of course, were the people on the rigging.

oop- it’s lunch time. gotta go~



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