onsala 5 – the future’s so bright

i bought a fifty dollar pair of shades. actually, they were 390 kronor, which is about $55. they’re polarized, and polaroid brand, and they go straight over my regular glasses, and they’re very very comfy, but still, $55? oh well. not like i don’t have about $700 on tap for the trip.

i’ve used them well already, too. we went to one of the botanical gardens in kungsbacka yesterday. it was pretty nice. i suppose every botanical garden is like every other botanical garden, but i generally like them, so it wasn’t bad. there was a quilting exhibition there. some of the quilts were pretty cool, but i’m not really a quilting person. i’m sure mom’ll like that section of the five day slide show i’ll be putting on when i get home, though. probably the coolest one was this one with the greenery. i like the way it pops out of the frame. hrm, what a shock, meredeth like the odd ones… (^_^)

then there was the actual plant section of the gardens. you had your traditional european stuff, and your gazeebos and your plaques about your plants. there was even a japanese section, although it was set up more like a european garden with japanese plants than a japanese garden. there were a couple little zen enclaves, but on the whole it was just european style. the coolest thing about the whole garden was this little path that i took just on a whim – i think maybe my cousins thought i was crazy, but i wanted to explore. – that led up to this rocky promentory where you could see the entirety of göteborg in one 360 degree view. i took some video with my camera, but i haven’t even looked at it yet. it was totally awesome. i’m not a big fan of high places, either, but it was just way too cool.

speaking of cool things, i’ve gotten to sleep in two days in a row now. i’m feeling a lot better today than i was yesterday. i think i got too much sun. my chin was blistering, and now it’s got some little orange spots where the blisters were, but my arms are actually a little brown (zomg!) and my shoulders are getting better, so in a couple more days, my chin should be good to go. i’ve just got to remember to stay out of the sun as much as possible. emma, my younger cousin, the one who just graduated, asked me this morning if i wanted to go to the pool with her. i was like, nej, tack. no, thanks. a, too much sun, b, too much socializing, and c, (my socially acceptable excuse) i forgot my bathing suit. emma was like, i’ve got some you can borrow, but i was like, eheheh, no thanks. (^^;)

anyhow, at some point today, we’re heading to kungsbacka or göteborg or something for a little light shopping, and the purchasing of some stamps, so i’m sending dana-chan a postcard. it’s shiny and sparkly, so i’m sure she’ll like it. i bought a bunch of them, i figure one to a different member of the fam every day this week, and they should get home before i do. we’ll see i guess. (^_-)


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