onsala 6 – more presentos!

actually, more like, göteborg shopping, day two. yesterday, we took a boat tour around the canals in the city. my favourite part was probably when we turned around and got splashed a little because there were so many other boats on the water. my second favourite part was definitely the three low bridges that we passed. the second one had a nickname, the cheese slicer. it was so low, we had to hunker down in the boat to get past it. it was quite delightful. (^_^)

and then there was the ad on the seat next to me. indeed, göteborg is fantastic, so i thought i’d tell all of you. probably cheaper than phoning all of you, at any rate. (^_^) on the tour, we got to see some very strange things, not the least of which was the delightful triangle-headed statue you see below you. also, i’ve seen the lipstick building now from basically everywhere in the city, so i think i’m good on that.

then we went out for some presentos. yesterday, i got a few presentos, but today i got quite a few presentos. i’ve got about 5 things for dana-chan, about that much for mamma, and i finally found something for carolyn. dad and michael, on the other hand, are proving considerably more difficult to buy for. as usual, i suppose. i got something for michael, although it’s not nearly as perfect for him as the pink clogs you see will be for dana-chan, but we’re going to denmark tomorrow and then i’ve got next week, and stockholm with sanna next weekend, so i’m confident i’ll be able to find something. actually, what i bought today that i’m eager to try out, is a coloring book! i think my aunt thought i was a bit wacko, but oh well. she’s a lot like my mom, so she’ll go with the flow.

p.s. the ciabatta loaf i bought was delicious!


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