onsala 7 – denmark, actually

we spend the night in denmark last night. how you like that? you just take a little ferry (pictured, left) and you’re suddenly in a whole other country! (^_^) actually, denmark was very nice. a little quiet for my tastes, but then, so is everything over here. even the cities don’t really feel like cities. i’m headed for stockholm tomorrow, so perhaps there i will find a true “city.”

anyhow, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to: denmark~

hrm. that. looks. familiar. somehow. i think the first rule of travel is that every-damn-field every-damn-where looks exactly the same. (T_T)

the first place we went was some penninsula up at the very northern part of the largest island (jutland), where the baltic sea meets the north sea. since both of these seas are flowing in opposite directions, they form some pretty cool waves where they meet. it was a little hard to get pictures of, since there were a lot of people there, which was a shame, because the colors there were really amazing. there were some good looking sand formations, too. it was a pretty long walk up there, so we took a little buggy/bus thing instead. in danish, it was called sandormen. i’m not sure what that means, but i’m thinking something along the lines of “noisy thing that transports old people over sand and rocks and beach by bumping them over any and all possible dunes and cutting sharp corners and getting in traffic jams with construction equipment.”

on the way back, there was a lighthouse. for 5 dutch kroner (about US$1) you were allowed the (very nearly endless) pleasure of climbing to the top and looking down. emma and i decided to test our legs. here is a picture i took at the bottom by laying down on the floor and pointing my camera up:

and here is a picture i took by climbing to the top and pointing my camera down:

emma and i counted the stairs on the way down. 200+. so, basically, we went up 200 stairs and down 200 stairs and then had to continue on with the rest of the day. it’s a good thing we’re young. (%_%)

then we went to a church … the name of which i can’t remember at the moment. sandes… something. anyhow, the cool thing about it is the way that most of it is built underground. only the tower is sticking up out of the hills. we didn’t get to go inside, which was a shame, but it was cool to walk around the back and see a little arch poking out of the sand. the way my shadow fell across the sand reminded me of negoto-sama. her pictures are always like that. of course, her’s are always shaky, but i’m hoping to continue my trend of non-shaky photography for the foreseeable future.

we also visited the skagen art museum. it was alright. apparently, skagen denmark was THE place to be if you were an 18th century oil painter. their gift shop was a little lame, and the museum itself was very small, but all in all, not bad at all. there was one section by a guy named peder severin kroyer with several things in it i really liked, but they didn’t have any prints of those paintings, so i didn’t get to buy any of them.

after that, we headed to our hotel and had some dinner. i really wish i’d’ve brought my camera to that meal, because i ordered cordon bleu. now, i realize that the stuff we normally have is packaged for mass consuption and easy preperation, but oh. my. god. this was cordon bleu to die for. it was, literally, a hank of dead baby cow sliced open and stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. there was some kind of bread pudding action on the side, and snow peas, and more shrooms on top, and i would’ve eaten the whole thing if only my stomach had been large enough. oh! and alas! how sad i was when my body would no longer take any more food. it was such a sad occurance; i shall remember it forever as the tragedy of skagen. (^_^)

anyhow… it turns out you can shop on the ferries, so i bought a few things. my suitcase is getting quite full at this point, and i head off for stockholm tomorrow. not that i have a particularly large amount of money remaining to me, i suppose, but still. it’s a good thing grandma’s got one of those wheeled luggage carriers to loan me, coz i’m certain i wouldn’t be lifting this thing for terribly long otherwise. i may have to start shipping things home to myself! (^_^)


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