FACT 43 – the good, the bad,

and the very very fugly. i’m not going to go into the whole story until the labyrinthine mess of personal, financial, and dumbassity issues can be sorted out, but let’s suffice it to say that Dennis Hyundai has no idea what it’s doing when it comes to customer service. i don’t know what kind of customer they are used to dealing with, but unreturned phone calls, crossed wires, and the mistaken almost-reposession of my car do not bode well for my opinion of them. i prefer to shop in a professional environment, at companies that know how to handle a simple sale without fucking the entire thing up, and as such, will not be returned to Dennis Hyundai. thank you.

man, speaking of unprofessionalism, those toggles i ordered like SIX WEEKS AGO are still on back order, or at least that’s what i’m assuming, since i can’t get the damn company i ordered them from to return my phone calls. for christ’s sake, i know it’s a long distance number, people, but i’m calling them first, and i’m eager to pay them and receive my toggles, so all i can only assume is that they don’t want my business, because now i’ve got to find someone else to buy my toggles from. which REALLY sucks, becuase these people were the cheapest. the other places that sell toggles do so for at least 50 cents more PER TOGGLE. which means i’m even further in the hole on this job. plus, my customer’s just as ancy as i am about the whole thing. he’s all “what guarantee can you give me” and i’m all “dude, i can’t just pull the toggles out of my ass.” i’m relying on these companies to get the toggles to me, and once again, it seems simply getting what i paid for in a timely and professional manner is something denied me.

what’s even worse, is that mister japanese books wants me to ship the books i’ve got, but he doesn’t want to pay me anything, so he keeps reducing the number of books he wants me to send. at some point, i’m just going to have to put my foot down and tell him that he ordered them and that he will be paying for them. he’s playing me like a fiddle, and at this stage in my pocket book’s life, i really can’t afford to have that happen. he’s gonna freak when i tell him the price has gone up for any books he wants above this original 30, but there’s not much to be done about it, especially considering the change of toggle people.

alright, it’s not very professional to complain about a job so specifically, but it’s been going on for three months now, and my customer and i are both getting quite distressed about the lack of toggles. he’d like to start selling the things, and i’d like to get the things finished. hell, i had planned on having them done like three weeks ago, and that was AFTER i discovered the toggles would have to be back ordered.

anyhow. on to something not so frusterating.

oh wait, THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THAT AROUND HERE! media monkey suddenly borked and forgot where all my music files are, the printer’s no longer talking to the print server, and i’m overdrawn by like four dollars. plus i’m still unemployed. do i have some horrible Unemployable disease or something? i mean seriously, i’m hard-working, i’m independant, i’m organized, and i am desperate for a job. why are the only things available picking dead rats out of fast food joints and full-time suit-and-tie i’m-your-bitch gigs?


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