FACT 69 – another number we will ignore

but hopefully not a post you will ignore. we over at etsybooks have decided to use our power for good, and have started up a charity event. it’s an ongoing thing, and we’ll be rotating charities every few months.

and our very first is… (drum roll please)

H.E.L.P. International!

they’re a charity that promotes international health, education and literacy (woot books!). a list of available books for this charity drive (and indeed any ongoing etsybooks charity drives) by one of two methods: search on etsy for “bestbooks” and “charity,” or check out our blog post about the festivities. 100% of the proceeds (minus fees and shipping costs of course) will be donated to H.E.L.P International, so get a buying, and H.E.L.P promote health, education and literacy around the world~

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