FACT 79 – show your library card

well, we’ll get the promotion out of the way first tonight. i listed something new over at my etsy shop just this evening. the story: i get about fifty hundred coupons from my local archiver’s every month. this? is because they Know. on this particular occasion, i got some free Hot Spot items. these are little trinkets that haven’t sold, or are being phased out, or are otherwise on uber sale for $2 a shot. i pretty much had a free-for-all that day. one free = buy five, right? this little pocket – well, not pictured, but WHATever – was one of my grabs that day. i also got some file folders, which will be appearing on this self same channel at a later date. check your local listings. or not. anyhow, the book portion has 20 pages of antique-style laid paper, which means it’s ivory and it has a fancy Fancy texture that makes me happy when i write on it with my fountain pens. i bound it in one of the styles from volume two of Keith Smith’s pentalogy of master works, basically a little loop action. the book then fits inside a black library pocket, which has a little space for notes on the front. there’s also a little black card, but frankly, i don’t really know what it’s for. go fig.

the moral of the story? check it out @ notuboc

and now there was something– oh yeah! last post i said i would take pictures of the notebook i made for laurel. well, … … yeah. let’s just say, i didn’t. (^_^) sarita came over, and i had her write her little message on the inside cover and then i added some glitter to it, and then i had to spray it with about five coats of clear coat just to prevent it from rubbing off (well, only two, but i didn’t wanna hold her up for a year) and then she wrapped it right there, so i didn’t get a chance to take any photos of it. they both came over the other day for a dress fitting, and it turns out she liked it a lot though. (^_^)! also, as a side note, i think i may take up running. if it can do for me what it has apparently done for laurel, i may just have to tough it out. i don’t know how much she runs, but she’s looking GOOD. actually, i have been doing nightly yoga. i had my self weighed at a doctor’s visit on the 2er, and i’ve got another doctor’s visit the 29er, so i’ll have a fairly empirical judging of the results. i’m not expecting a whole bunch, but if i lose even a couple of pounds in a month, i’ll be pretty happy. the number we saw on the 2er? not the number i was looking to hear. … actually, i have lost some weight over the past couple of months, as has been shown by the doctor’s scale, but still. not enough. i need to look hawt this summer. why? because i’m overly concerned with being attractive to certain person on whom i have what is commonly known as a crush.

that is all.

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